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Telco provides the packaging industry with photoelectric sensor solutions for challenging applications where others fail. Telco's sensor solution experience and problem solving spans over various fields including packaging, canning, bottling, labeling and package assembly and processing – with our portfolio of versatile sensors being used for sorting, counting, measuring, positioning, monitoring, detecting and verification.

Application Examples

Box Packaging Carton Packaging & Processing Box Packaging & Handling Cans, Tins & Bottling Packaging Bottle Packaging & Labelling Bottle Packaging & Processing Cans, Tins & Bottles Control Bottle Packaging & Processing Box Packaging & Automation Bottle Packaging & Processing Cans, Tins & Bottling Packaging Box Packaging
Box Packaging

Box sorting

Carton Packaging & Processing

Level control and monitoring

Box Packaging & Handling

Box positioning and monitoring

Cans, Tins & Bottling Packaging

Can cap inspection

Bottle Packaging & Labelling

Bottling and label monitoring and control

Bottle Packaging & Processing

Bottle positioning and detection

Cans, Tins & Bottles Control

Can flow control and monitoring

Bottle Packaging & Processing

Clear bottle level detection

Box Packaging & Automation

Box detection and counting

Bottle Packaging & Processing

Clear bottle detection

Cans, Tins & Bottling Packaging

Lid Inspection

Box Packaging

Box 3D measuring

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