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Material handling

The superior performance and robustness of Telco's photoelectric sensors ensures that there are no limits to the solutions Telco can provide in material handling and logistics applications. Telco is proud of its very diverse and expansive range of applications in which the Telco sensors are operating relentlessly, even in the harshest, toughest and most contaminated conditions imaginable and everyday passing the test of their proclaimed durability. Some of the core industries include; mining processes, garbage and waste management, automated recycling, construction materials / bulk materials handling, crops processing, laundry handling & logistics - and the list goes on.

Application Examples

Small Parts Handling Small Parts Handling Boards & Blanks Handling Box Packaging & Handling Metals & Raw Materials Handling Baggage Handling & Logistics Bolts Handling & Packaging Metals & Raw Materials Handling Carpets & Fabrics
Small Parts Handling

High speed small parts counting and monitoring

Small Parts Handling

Parts counting and monitoring

Boards & Blanks Handling

Protrusion detection and monitoring

Box Packaging & Handling

Box positioning and monitoring

Metals & Raw Materials Handling

Steel beam positioning

Baggage Handling & Logistics

Baggage detection and monitoring

Bolts Handling & Packaging

Parts Counting

Metals & Raw Materials Handling

Hole pattern inspection

Carpets & Fabrics

Carpet web detection

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