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Telco is renowned for being the number one supplier and choice of photoelectric systems for position and contouring detection in automatic wash systems, including car wash, train wash and bus wash machines. Telco has successfully supplied the most reliable, hardwearing and high performing optical sensor solutions for this demanding industry for more than 25 years and continue to do so. Telco's sensors works where other fail. The harsh environmental elements such as high-pressure water spray, concentrated soaps, steam, contamination (dirt and dust), does not hinder the performance nor life time of our sensors, making them the most reliable sensor product on the market. Telco continues to closely collaborate with its customers in striving to develop new and innovative sensor technologies for the carwash industry.

Application Examples

Carwash Machines Trainwash Machines
Carwash Machines

Vehicle positioning and contouring

Trainwash Machines

Vehicle positioning and contouring

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