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New SpaceGuard SG15 Light Curtain Series

Published Jun 24, 2015

New SpaceGuard SG15 Light Curtain Series
New SpaceGuard SG15 Light Curtain Series

UPDATED 24.06.2015
The SpaceGuard SG15 series is a new self-contained, sequentially blanking light curtain system from Telco, which is EN 12978 compliant and TUV approved to be an E-device according to EN 12453, allowing it to be a stand-alone safety device on a power operated door or gate.

The complete system consists of transmitter rail, SGT and receiver rail, SGR which are positioned opposite of each other, generating a grid of parallel scanning infrared beams over the entire active protection height of the light curtain system.

The series is available in three different lengths of 1928, 2288 and 2648 mm. The three different lengths are each available with three different beam patterns (channel placements) which are available with; 1) 45 mm channel spacing of all channels over the entire active height; 2) 45 mm channel spacing for the bottom height of up to 1035 mm and 180 mm channel spacing above 1035 mm until the top of the active height; 3) 45 mm channel spacing for the bottom height of up to 315 mm and 180 mm channel spacing above 315 mm until the top of the active height. The total number of channels ranges between 16 to 56 beams, depending on the chosen beam pattern and length.

The SG15 series is housed in compact, but sturdy, black anodised aluminium profiles (IP67 rating), available in two different designs.
The E-profile has a dimension of 25,5 x 14,3 mm (w x d) and features a dual sided rail design which allows for simple, quick and versatile mounting of the light curtain profiles with the use of separate spring-clip mounting fixtures (TR SC29 E) which are clipped-on around the side rails, firmly securing the light curtains in position. 6 mounting fixtures are included with each light curtain pair. The side rail design allows for easy adaptation of customised mounting fixtures for OEM installations, allowing flexible and tailor-made mounting possibilities.
The G-profile has a slimmer dimension of 19,5 x 20,8 mm (w x d) and features a mounting T-slot rail in the back of the profile and side mounting holes, allowing assembly with screws from either the side or back of the profile.

The waterproof design of the SG15, together with its high light immunity of 100k lux, makes it suitable for all door application types, including outdoor installations where the light curtain system may be exposed to weather (inc. rain and snow) contamination, direct sunlight and washdowns. The compact dimensions of the light curtain profile makes it an ideal fit for most door profiles/tracks; including sectional roller doors, high-speed flexible doors, cold room doors and residential doors.

The system has a 12 metre sensing range which makes the light curtain suitable for almost any door installation. The SG15 series features the Dynamic Sequential Blanking Function which enables the detectors to be positioned in the guide tracks of an industrial door, where the door travels directly in front of the protection area, interrupting the beams sequentially from top to bottom. The feature ensures that the system distinguishes between the closing door and an object or person by ignoring the beams that are obstructed by the moving door whilst leaving below remaining beam active to detect an object in the protection area.

The system operates with a 12-30 V dc supply voltage and offers either an opto-isolated solid state relay output or OSE output. Both the SGT and SGR include a test input which are activated simultaneously for system test purposes. Three different test-input configurations are available upon request (in the solid-state output version).

The light curtains are available with a fixed cable connection of 15 m and 5 m on the transmitter and receiver, respectively; or a 50 cm pigtail with a 5-pin, M12 moulded male plug. The transmitter and receiver pair are optically synchronised.

The SG15 system is a plug n' play system and requires no set-ups or adjustments, which guarantees easy, simple and quick installation of the light curtains.

The light curtains can be monitored via integral LED indicators mounted in the front face-lens of the profile. The units include a power-on, output and system/signal status indicator.

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