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New SpaceScan SS01 Light Curtain Series

Published Dec 03, 2012

New SpaceScan SS01 Light Curtain Series
New SpaceScan SS01 Light Curtain Series

The SpaceScan SS 01 series is a new high-power self contained, industrial light curtain line from Telco which generates a dense infrared multi-beam light grid and offers a sensing range of 10 metres with high excess gain. The series is available in a wide array of lengths, ranging from just 160 mm up to 1980 mm, making it suitable for almost any application. The light curtains are housed in sturdy and robust black anodised, aluminium 33 x 36 mm (w x d) profiles , which are fully sealed for an IP 67 rating and designed to withstand severe vibrations and shock. The design incorporates a T-slot for flexible and universal mounting, with the use of T mounting fixtures, which are included.

The entire range is offered in three different versions which are differentiated by the spacing of the channels (diodes) and is available with spacing increments of 20 mm, 10 mm and 5 mm. The smallest spacing increment of 5 mm, ensures a very dense grid of light beams and the highest resolution in the active area, for detection of the smallest parts.

The system is configurable to operate with either parallel or cross scanning beams, which is selectable via a control input in the same SSR receiver. The cross scanning beam mode generates 3 beams per channel, which produces a very dense grid of interlaced light beams and ensures maximum resolution and allows reliable detection of small diameter objects and extremely thin, flat objects. The parallel beam mode generates one straight, parallel beam per channel and ensures the fastest response time and is suitable for high speed applications requiring a very high switching frequency. Response time is dependent of the number of channels and beams of the system.

The SS 01 offers 4 to 384 channels, depending on the chosen model which varies by length and channel spacing. The series is available with two different sensing ranges; 0-4 metres and 1-10 metres. Both models operate with advanced automatic sensitivity adjustment, which ensures that no onsite set up or adjustments are required. The signal level of each individual channel is monitored and adjusted automatically, which compensates for misalignment and contamination during operation, guaranteeing optimum performance. The system is truly a ‘plug ‘n play’ system. The high gain performance of the system, together with its durable mechanical construction, ensures that the light curtains will operate reliably and uncompromisingly in applications with severe contamination and harsh environments, including water spray, heavy fog, mist, dust, dirt and industrial/process contamination. The optical design of the SpaceScan series guarantees easy alignment (and highly forgiving misalignment) of the light curtain pair.

The SS 01 series offers a supply voltage of 12-30 V dc. The SST transmitter provides a 5-wire configuration, which includes a test input which may be used for either disabling or enabling the transmitting power temporarily for test purposes. The SSR receiver provides a 8-wire configuration, which includes an opto-isolated solid state relay output and two control input functions; beam blanking function and selection of parallel/cross beam operation mode. The light curtains are fitted with a 50 cm pigtail with a moulded M12 plug for quick-disconnect assembly.

The SS 01 series features beam blanking function which is configurable using a control input, in the SSR receiver, used to memorise the beams which are obstructed for up to 5 seconds during set-up. The blanking functionality allows any beams and any number of beams, in both parallel and cross beam mode, to be blanked and ignored during operation.

The light curtains can be monitored via integral LED indicators mounted in the front face-lens of the units. The system includes a power-on, output and system/signal status indicator.

The transmitter and receiver pair are electrically synchronised to guarantee optimal performance and reliability in all operating conditions – and ensuring high switching frequency without compromising high power and sensing range. Furthermore, the system has a high light immunity of 100k lux promising problem-free operation even with direct exposure to extraneous light.

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Click on the link below to download the SS01 Series Data Sheet and SS01 Series Brochure.

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