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Breaking boundaries

"Telco continues to break boundaries and exceed limits"

Telco continues to break boundaries and exceed limits, when it comes to where our optical sensors are successfully installed and used. The versatility of our sensors can easily be confirmed by the wide range of industries, where they are used for detecting, positioning, measuring, counting and sorting.

Some of these industries include: automatic doors, industrial doors and gates, elevators, carwash, sawmill and forestry, packaging, material handling, material processing, factory automation and controls, escalators, agriculture, access controls, fishery, food processing, pharmaceuticals, mining – and many others.

Our ambition and desire to see the Telco sensor systems installed and functioning in new locations is exciting, and it keeps the Telco network moving forward and seeking new ways to apply our sensor technology. More than 99% of Telco’s output is exported world-wide and all the Telco products carry a 3-year world-wide warranty.