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About Telco

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How the story began

"Telco has come a long way since its humble beginnings"

Telco has come a long way since its humble beginnings in Denmark in 1975, but during all those years we have never lost focus of the core competences that have made Telco a success. We started with a new idea, which was to design and produce sensors, both simple and versatile in design, which would work in the most challenging conditions and endure the most hostile environments imaginable.

We turned this concept into a success with strong business acumen and a firm commitment to pursue the original idea with confidence and without compromise. We have remained true to this concept and continued to seek new and different ways to offer reliable sensing solutions in applications not thought possible before. This has been stimulated by our curiosity and quest to question the ordinary.

The experience and knowledge gained over the years has taken us into new industrial fields, and this has allowed us to expand our sensing solutions and develop into the sensor specialist that we are today.