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Telco group of companies

"A product made in Denmark"

Telco Sensors is a global organisation represented by its expansive Telco Team network and subsidiaries worldwide. All Telco products are proudly designed, developed and manufactured in Denmark and exported worldwide via its network of Telco Teams and distributors - supported by the in-tune and experienced international Sales & Marketing headquarters and strategically located sales & distribution subsidiaries.

Telco Electronic A/S - Brovst, Denmark

Research & Development
Telco A/S - Lygby, Denmark

Telco A/S - St. Heddinge, Denmark

International Sales & Marketing
Telco Sensors S.L. - Marbella, Spain

Head Sales Office USA
Telco Sensors Inc. - Charlotte, USA

Sales Office Canada
Telco Sensors Canada - Ontario, Canada

Head Office Poland
Telco Poland Sp. z.o.o. - Poznan, Poland

Head Office Baltic States
Telco Baltic States - Vilnius, Lithuania

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